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Prepared for business - worldwide

The degree programme is aimed at students with a background in business or economics. The objective is to help students to supplement or extend their professional and academic knowledge in the field of international business.
The programme has the following goals:

  1. To prepare students for a range of challenging positions in various areas of international management or research. All training has been developed with a focus on the demands of globalization and European integration.
  2. In addition to courses related to international business, the programme includes a number of supplementary modules. Students also receive training in problem-solving methodologies that are required in an international context.
  3. To promote an understanding of different cultures and to refine skills needed for successful international communication.

Academic knowledge plus practical skills

HTW Berlin, the largest University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, offers an 18-month full-time Master’s Degree in International Business (MIB). The MIB, which is taught entirely in English, prepares its students for a career in a fast-changing multinational environment. The programme provides a critical understanding of contemporary concepts in business and economics. Supplementing this theoretical approach is a clear focus on the practical issues of international management. As a result, our graduates are not only able to walk directly into a number of challenging jobs, they also acquire the intercultural skills necessary to excel in multi-national environments.

Studying in international teams

Taught entirely in English, the MIB programme at HTW Berlin provides students from all over the world with an outstanding opportunity to improve their language skills. They can also experience a number of different working styles and cultural practices by collaborating in international teams and projects.