Master's thesis

Before you begin writing your Master’s thesis, you need to submit an application for admission to the Master's thesis [PDF]. General information can be found on the main website of HTW Berlin.

The Thesis Application Form has to be printed and sumitted at the MIB Administratition Office / Letter Box next to Room C309! Please note, that we do not accept Application Forms via email!


The thesis must be submitted in triplicate as a printed version and on CD to the Faculty Administration. A statutory declaration must be attached to the printed versions as a loose last page. The cover page should also not be bound with the thesis.   


Winter Term 17/18

Submission application incl. thesis title: 29.07.17
Admission(via email): 25./26.9.2017
Thesis writing period: 2.10.17 - 5.2.2018
Submission: 5.2.2018

Summer Term 18

Submission application incl. thesis title: 03.02.18
Admission(via email): 28.+29.03.18
Thesis writing period: 03.04.18 - 07.08.18
Submission: 07.08.18

Winter Term 18/19

Submission application incl. thesis title: 28.07.18
Admission(via email): 24.+25.09.18
Thesis writing period: 01.10.18 - 04.02.19
Submission: 04.02.19