Master's thesis

Before you begin writing your Master’s thesis, you need to submit an application for admission to the Master's thesis [PDF]. General information can be found on the main website of HTW Berlin.

The Thesis Application Form has to be printed and sumitted to the Examination Office, Ms. Katja Rönsch! Please note, that we do not accept Application Forms via email!


The thesis must be submitted in triplicate as a printed version and on CD to the Faculty Administration.

A statutory declaration must be attached to the printed versions.

Please provide a loose signed sheet of the Statutory Declaration and a copy of the 1st page of the Thesis together with the 3 printed versions.


Winter Term 18/19

Submission application incl. thesis title: 28.07.18
Admission (via email): 24. - 25.09.18
Thesis writing period: 01.10.18 - 04.02.19
Submission: 04.02.19

Summer Term 19

Submission application incl. thesis title: 09.02.19
Admission (via email): 26. - 27.03.19
Thesis writing period: 01.04.19 - 05.08.19
Submission: 05.08.19

Winter Term 19/20

Submission application incl. thesis title: 13.07.19
Admission (via email): 24. - 25.09.19
Thesis writing period: 01.10.19 - 04.02.20
Submission: 04.02.20

Summer Term 2020

Submission application incl. thesis title: 01.02.20
Admission (via email): 26. - 27.03.20
Thesis writing period: 02.04.20 - 06.08.20
Submission: 06.08.2020